SERVE Program Inc. not only reduces your company's exposure to criminal beverage violations and civil litigation, but protects your establishment, staff, and customers while increasing your profits. We have a continuously-expanding list of services which we offer our clients, some of which include:

Responsible Vendor/Server Training Programs:

We provide both on-site and corresponding training and testing of employees, including information on I.D. checking, habitual alcoholics, illegal drug activity, and other information as specified in your state's alcohol beverage statutes. Additionally, we provide continuing education and testing of all employees within 30 days, and management within 15 days, of their hire date. SERVE is an approved Responsible Vendor Training Provider.

Comprehensive Training Package:

We provide an extensive training package which includes:

  • Certificates of Completion in Alcohol Beverage Responsible Vendor Training
  • Approved manuals and testing for employee food safety law
  • State required signage regarding serving underage patrons and illegal drugs, as well as direction for proper placement of signs
  • State Responsible Vendor sign
  • I.D. checking guidelines and procedures
  • SERVE Policies and Procedures Manuals
  • SERVE training tests for employees, as required by state laws
  • Employee Approval Cards, Policy Acknowledgment Forms, and Questionnaires
  • National Driver's License I.D. Booklet
  • Meeting information, reminders, and updates
  • Updates of state laws and legislation

Government Compliance:

We ensure notification to the Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco that your establishment is participating in a Alcohol Beverage Educational Training Program.

Insurance Discounts:

Insurance underwriters recognize SERVE's superior legal credentials and comprehensive educational training. As a result, companies are offering as much as 20% insurance premium reduction for participation in the program.

Business Security/Safety Training:

It is imperative that both employees and customers have a safe environment to work and enjoy your establishment. We provide comprehensive security training for employees addressing issues of proper and adequate safety measures that must be taken in order to properly protect customers, staff, and your establishment.

Food Safety Training:

Florida state laws require that all food service employees receive training and certification in food safety. SERVE provides training dealing with preparation, serving, displaying, and storage of food served to the public. NOTE: This training meets Florida requirements and is available for all food establishments nationally.

National Food Managers Certification:

SERVE provides national Food Safety Manager training, testing, and certification as required for managers in the food service sector.

Manager Certification:

SERVE Program offers a unique service to its clients. We can design a program according to your schedule, coming to your location to perform the required testing and training. The program can be fine-tuned for either an individual or a group session. If on-site testing is inconvenient, contact us for dates and times to attend classes off-site as well.


SERVE provides random alcoholic beverage law inspections to detect violations and prevent them from occurring in the future. In addition, we offer monthly supervisor inspections which cover civil premise liability, criminal beverage law, illegal drug trafficking, as well as I.D. checking, and more.

Mystery Shopping:

SERVE will arrange to visit your establishment "under cover" to evaluate your operations and employee performance (i.e., proper ID checking, serving, customer relations, etc.).

Records Maintenance:

We maintain all paperwork and records as required by law in both the alcohol and food safety training programs.

Meetings and Updates:

SERVE provides continuous updates on state beverage laws and pending legislation, as well as required meetings for all servers, I.D. checkers, and managers. We keep you on the cutting edge of all new information regarding illegal drug activity, arrest scenarios, civil liability, and legislation which affects your business.

Workman's Compensation Discount: (optional)

SERVE can provide your business with "Drug-Free Workplace" policies and procedures. This can mean a 5% reduction on Workman's Compensation insurance for your establishment's participation. SERVE can arrange for employee drug-testing at a discounted fee through Smith and Klein (a Nida-certified laboratory).

State-of-the-Art Web Site:

The SERVE web site provides you with 24-hour access to current events, legislation, articles, state beverage violation information, and data concerning the hospitality industry and our programs.