S.E.R.V.E. Responsible Vendor Course

Alcohol abuse can have a devastating effect to the public, your business, and employees. Serving responsibly produces safer roads and neighborhoods and a more profitable business.

Intention of this training is to:

  • Eliminate the sale and service of alcoholic beverages to underage patrons
  • Reduce alcohol related injuries & deaths
  • Encourage prudent serving practices
  • Promote professionalism and responsibility on the part of your staff

This is an on-going educational program designed by the DAB&T to assist owners, managers and staff in the laws and effects of alcohol, drug interaction, and how these laws affect you and your profession.

In order to maintain your compliance with the Responsible Vendor Act, all owners and managers must complete the course required within 15 days of hire and employees tested within 30 days of hire. In addition, attendance is required at each of our scheduled meetings three times a year.

Current subscription terms : 14.95 USD for 1 year(s)