Certified Professional Food Manager Training

Certified Professional Food Manager Training for Managers

This training prepares individuals to take the Certified Food Safety Manager Exam (CPFM). To schedule an exam please contact us by email.

If you are seeking National Food Protection Manager Certification, this is the ideal preparatory course for taking the national manager certification exam. Be aware that the practice test associated with this training course is not a substitute for subsequently taking the nationally accredited exam.

Food Manager Certification Training Components

Food Manager Certification Training

  • High-quality interactive online training
  • 100% Pass Guarantee
  • Practice Tests after Each Module
  • End of Course Practice Exam
  • Friendy Customer Support

SERVE Program Inc. provides employees needing food manager certification and demonstration of knowledge with a better learning experience. The high-quality and affordable online food manager certification training course comes with a 100% Pass Guarantee provided requirements are met and prepares any person to take the nationally accredited food manager certification exam.

Fully Audio/Visual Learning Experience

The SERVE Program course content is presented using mixed media including on-screen text, video, illustrations, interactivity, and question-and-answer. The entire course is presented in full audio; however, learners may choose to read the narration in partnership with the audio, or read only and mute the narration. The course and test is available in full audio in english, with the option of text-only learning, to facilitate the needs of those with hearing loss, vision loss, limited literacy, and learning disabilities.

The Online Food Manager Training Course Learning Objectives

  • Teaches safe food handling principles at a competency level necessary for management:
  • Food borne illness identification
  • Personal hygiene practices
  • Time & temperature controls
  • Cleaning & sanitizing processes
  • Receiving & storing food
  • Thawing, cooking, cooling & reheating food
  • Builds an ongoing awareness of food hazards—objects, substances, pathogens and situations—that can potentially make food unsafe
  • Enables managers to create, implement and support food safety systems
  • Prepares managers to teach and train employees on fundamental behaviors, techniques and practices that keep food safe
  • Develops an understanding of programs and policies that create a food safety culture
  • Illustrates the contribution of facility design to food safety processes
  • Provides an understanding of HACCP and the significance of critical control points
  • Prepares the manager to pass one of the three nationally accredited manager certification exams or exhibit demonstration of knowledge.